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20 Chicago Foodies to Follow on Instagram

20 Chicago Foodies to Follow on Instagram

If you’re as big of a food lover as I am, you probably know that you eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Chicago food instagrammers that consistently showcase the best food pics in Chicago. Better yet, many of them are bloggers and have some amazing recipes, restaurant reviews, travel tips and more on their websites!

Instagrammer and food blogger Chicago Food Girl consistently posts drool-worthy photos in addition to adorable selfies and pics of her cute dog Panda!

Mushroomstew the foodie and fashionista behind the lifestyle blog Sed Bona has the most clean cut and gorgeous food shots I've ever seen along with her latest outfits and of course lots of pug pics!

Afternoon tea with fellow foodies at @theallischicago! || #VSCOcam #chicagofoodauthority A photo posted by mushroomstew (@mushroomstew) on

Kelly Rizzo behind Eat Travel Rock pretty much has my dream job traveling, interviewing musicians, staring in her own TV show, and eating of course! Her instagram feed truly rocks!

Samantha Roby of Chicago Food Authority is kind of big deal! With over 78K instagram followers she showcases the best food in Chicago via posts from her fans and fellow foodies.

Starr is chicagofoodiegirl and creator of one of my favorite food blogs Chicago Foodie Girl and takes some of the best donut and brunch pictures I've ever come across!

Erica Eckman of Everything Erica is "your foodie friend with the inside scoop." She's constantly posting her original recipes and shots from the hottest restaurants in Chicago!

strangefoodchicago posts Chicago's most unique hidden gems, ethnic foods, and cheap eats! Before following strangefoodschicago I had no idea the range of food Chicago had to offer!

Seth Marcus of chicityfoodie is constantly sharing the best food spots in the city for breakfast, lunch or dinner! His instagram feed is constantly making me hungry!

#dimsum brunch!!! #eeeeeats #noodles #spareribs A photo posted by Seth Marcus (@chicityfoodie) on

diana_chicagofoodiegirl2 is one of the contributors to Chicago Foodie Girl and she's always up on the latest restaurants in Chicago!

Some wonderful oysters at Fig & Olive. I can always count on oysters as part of the meal when I'm hanging with Captain Paleo.   A photo posted by Diana H ☕️ (@diana_chicagofoodiegirl2) on

Kat Levitt from A Girl and Her Food is always keeping me up to date of the best dishes in Chicago and I love the photos of her sweet boxer dogs!

Stephanie (that's me!) of Beyond ExpecTASTEtions shares her eating adventures across the city of Chicago and beyond!

bestfoodchicago the instagram connected to the site My Fab 5 features regrams of the best food pictures in Chicago.

One of my favorite food and travel bloggers Sapna of the Vegetarian Tourist is constantly posting her favorite Chicago vegetarian favorites as well as food from her fabulous travels!

Today I learned how to make #donuts. Samoa donuts. Dangerous. @givesugar @parcerum

A photo posted by Vegetarian Tourist (@vegtourist) on

One of my good friends and fellow food bloggers Amanda Topper of the Ghost Guest is constantly posting her favorite restaurant pics and culinary finds in Chicago and on her travels.

chitownfooodies posts a great mix of sweet and savory photos and always leaves me hungry!

HOLY FUDGE this was good- Mocha Mud Pie @tavernonrush

A photo posted by Chitown Foodies (@chitown_foodies) on

adamsoko a food and drink photographer knows how to set up the perfectly framed food shot and his photos always look perfect!

Kit Graham the writer of The Kittchen is known for her well thought out recipes and visually stunning food photography!

Sherrie Tan is an amazing pastry chef and baker at Sweet Mandy B's in Chicago and her attention to detail translates into some terrific food photography!

chicagocraves chronicles the best of Chicago's cuisine and is constantly making me hungry, even after I just ate!

ordering sushi for 3 girls #chicagocraves

A photo posted by chicago craves (@chicago_craves) on

vansventures posts some of my favorite instagram food photography and her sushi photos are my absolute favorite!

Have you ever seen sushi that glows? Such yumminess! ✨ #lawrencefishmarket A photo posted by Van ✨ (@vansventures) on

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