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10 Best Bites at Chicago Gourmet 2019

This year Chicago Gourmet marked a special occasion for my husband and I, our first day/night alone in Chicago since bringing home our baby girl. My parents were gracious enough to watch our daughter so we could have an inaugural “Parents Day” to celebrate nearly 9 months of parenthood and spend some special time together in our own city, just the two of us! Last year I was pregnant at the event and was really looking forward to trying all the wine and alcohol I missed last year, in addition to many of the raw and seafood items that were on my “off-limits” list in 2018.

Where to Work from Home in Lakeview, Chicago

As more and more employees eschew a standard 9 to 5 work life or aim to avoid the dreaded commute either on a crowded highway or train ride, working from home has become a popular work option. This definitely isn’t a complete list, I’ll plan on adding to it in the future as more places pop-up. Here are my top favorites in the Lakeview neighborhood to work from home.

IfOnly Experiences for Good in Chicago

Recently IfOnly reached out to me about trying one of their unique experiences that benefit worthy causes around the world. If you’ve read my recent post, you’ll know that I feel passionate about partnering with companies and attending events that have charitable ties. Especially in the food world, where there can be too much waste, allotting funds towards worthy causes that can really use it makes an enormous impact.

Planning the Perfect Chicago Summer Weekend

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now and now that it’s summer weather (most days) in Chicago it’s finally the perfect time to share some of my favorite Chicago summer activities.  Some suggestions are tried and true, but I’d like to think that at least a few are ideas that might not appear in a typical google search. Mix and match your favorites for the perfect Chicago summer weekend!

Camping Near Chicago

Last summer we made a vow to get out of the city more and spend more time in nature. Even though the Midwest doesn’t have the scenery of a Colorado or an Oregon, there are still plenty of places to camp near Chicago that will help you reconnect with nature. There are great locations in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and even Illinois that are a two-hour drive or less and have great trails and campsites for a night or two away.

My Favorite Bites from LuxeHome CHILL and Spain’s Great Match

Right before the holidays this year I had a chance to attend two tasty food events in the city, LuxeHome CHILL and Spain’s Great Match. As you know I’m not attending as many food events these days, but both of these had a super appealing list of wines and restaurant pairings that I wasn’t about to pass up. It also helped that Spain’s Great Match was occurring right before our travels to Spain and was the perfect event to get us ramped up for two weeks of Spanish wine and food.

Eleventh Annual LuxeHome CHILL Makes Real Charitable Impact

After traveling and witnessing firsthand the level of poverty a huge population of the world lives in, it became difficult for me to attend luxurious events when I knew at the end of the night so much food was going to be thrown out while so many people were hungry elsewhere. I’ve been trying to be conscious about choosing to attend the kinds of events that are tied to a charity or non-profit organization and are truly doing good deeds for those not as fortunate.


One of my favorite food events of the year has raised nearly 1 million dollars since 2007 to support Chicago area charitable organizations: the Lynn Sage Foundation, Respiratory Health Organization and Saturday Place. I’ve attended the event in 20122013, 2014, and 2016 and each year is better than the next!


This year on November 9 nearly 50 restaurants and dozens of premium wine and spirits companies are participating in partnership with Wine Spectator Magazine in the amazing LuxeHome space in the Merchandise Mart. LuxeHome is the world’s largest collection of premier boutiques for home building and renovation with 30 different boutiques all in one location. This event always gives me great decorating and interior design ideas for my apartment and future home. Haven’t you always wanted to sip an expensive Pinot Grigio while lounging on a marble tub?