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Where to Work from Home in Lakeview, Chicago

Where to Work from Home in Lakeview, Chicago

As more and more employees eschew a standard 9 to 5 work life or aim to avoid the dreaded commute either on a crowded highway or train ride, working from home has become a popular work option. I’m lucky enough to have a flexible work from home schedule where I spend about 3 days in the office and the other 2 either at client or working from home (WFH). While it is nice to stay in your pajamas all day, sometimes it helps get the productivity juices going by getting out of the house for a change of scenery. I’ve been delaying this post for a while, as every time I think I’m finished, I discover another little gem to add to my list. This definitely isn’t a complete list, I’ll plan on adding to it in the future as more places pop-up. Here are my top favorites in the Lakeview neighborhood to work from home.

Colectivo, 2530 N Clark St 

(While technically in Lincoln Park), Colectivo is hands down. the best WFH patio in Chicago and is where you will find my coworkers and I most Friday’s in the summer. This little coffee shop with a huge parking lot converted patio has great coffee, food (don’t miss the southwestern breakfast burrito) and even beer for ending the day on a happy (hour) note. The patio truly shines April through November as Colectivo will cover and seal it off when it gets a bit chilly making it a great destination for fresh air working nearly year-round.

Intelligentsia, 3123 N Broadway

A Broadway favorite in East Lakeview, Intelligentsia has been a mainstay in the neighborhood since 1995! It’s a pretty no-frills establishment with long communal tables, but with some of the strongest and well-made coffee on the East side it will definitely spur you to get some work done.

 Hero Coffee, 2950 N. Sheridan

I have to admit, you never realize how close you want a coffee shop to be to your home until one opens practically across the street from your apartment! Lakeview’s newest coffee shop is the perfect location for me when I need to get out of my apartment for a short period of time. They have great all-day bagel sandwiches, oat milk and almond milk options (which I love) and ample communal seating. It’s also one of the only coffee shops East of Broadway in the Lakeview area which has made it a fast favorite among locals.  

Maison Marcel, 3114 N Broadway

This little Parisian-inspired coffee shop is an Instagrammers dream with white washed brick walls, hanging plants, wicker chairs and a hammock or two. It also serves great coffee and some of the best croissants I’ve found in Chicago. Plentiful seating for small groups, a rather hearty all-day brunch spread, and a long communal table offers options for people working all day long.

Yefseis Café, 3344 N Halsted St

An unassuming little Greek coffee shop on Halsted in Boystown is the perfect establishment to get some work done in a quiet environment. The owner usually has a pretty good soundtrack going and they serve some amazing scones from Eataly that are baked fresh every morning.

 Above are my favorites, but I’ve also included a few other places that I haven’t had a chance to try yet but have heard great things about. Have you been and want to write a blurb about them? Just let me know!

 Osmium Coffee Bar – Dark Matter - 1117 W Belmont Ave

 Dept of Coffee and Social Affairs - 800 W. Diversey

 11 Degree North - 824 W Belmont Ave

 Heritage Bicycles - 2959 N Lincoln Ave

 Julius Meinl - 3601 N Southport Ave

 Two Hearted Queen - 1201 W Roscoe St

 Emerald City Coffee - 3938 N Sheridan Rd

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